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Bloomgren Hanson Legal is committed to providing you high quality and affordable legal services in a areas that matter to you, your family and your small business. We recognize that you require affordable, hands on legal services. Our business model is based on the concept of becoming your general counsel. All successful business rely on general counsel to oversee their affairs. You deserve no less. You deserve the same as big business: a dedicated, multi-disciplined personal attorney who understands needs and goals.  We can provide that service. We are committed to providing you both high level legal advice as well as effective and efficient service in a variety of practice areas that will serve you over time and as you, your family and your business evolve.

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Child Support in Minnesota

April 14, 2011

The Minnesota child support statute changed significantly in 2007.  If you were divorced before 2007 and paying child support, your obligation is likely calculated under the “old” system.  If you were divorced after 2007, you are operating under the new system. The new law completely overhauled how child support is calculated.  Under the old law, the key element was which parent had physical custody.  The parent with physical custody was owed child support by the other parent.  Now support is calculated based on a combination of both parents incomes as well as parenting time.

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Superhero, Inc. or L.L.C. or L.L.L.P.

March 22, 2011

The main idea behing MyGeneralCounselor is to provide normal folks information about law that is applicable to them.  Through an NPR article today, I learned of a blog that takes this concept to a whole new level and provides specific legal information to a group of folks they identify as “Comic Book Nerds”:  LawAndTheMultiverse.  To the Law Nerds and Comic Book Nerds, alike, check it out.  For the rest of you, especially potential small business owners, try this article about what type of entity superhero “agencies” might be.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Google “Diagnose” Your Legal Ailment

February 23, 2011

I admit, I’m one of those people that self diagnose medical ailments by inputting the symptoms into Dr. Google. But, even when I am certain I’ve properly diagnosed myself with a strange tropical disease during the dead of Minnesota winter, I get a second opinion from my real doctor. I question if people are as careful when they consult with Google, Esq.?  You should be.  And I learned why tonight.

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Post Apocalyptic Legal Manual?

February 22, 2011

Movies of the zombie/post apocalypse genre seem to be popping up everywhere, especially in today’s terrorism high alert society.  Unfortunately, planning for such events (hopefully not actual zombies) is an all true reality. Today, I came across this article of excerpts from NY City’s own doomsday legal manual.  I wish I could properly categorize this under “Funny Legal Bits.”

Are you “cra-zay” to consider seller financing to get your home sold?

February 11, 2011

In the current hey day of tightened lending standards, parties to real estate transactions are becoming increasingly clever in trying to close real estate transactions. More often I am working with sellers who are being asked to and who are also willing to back a percentage (some times a large percentage) of the purchase price. Are they cra-zay? Read more…

Home Owner’s Associations: Getting Paid During Foreclosure

February 9, 2011

When a home falls into foreclosure, quite often the homeowner quits paying home owner’s association (HOA) dues long before a bank takes over the property and long before a new owner resumes paying regular monthly dues.   What happens to the obligation to pay HOA dues when a home is foreclosed?

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Some Inspiration With Your Morning Coffee

February 7, 2011

The Minneapolis Star Tribune posted this article about a former law school classmate, Mike Hanson.  Mike recently succeeded in traveling the Appalachian Trail solo.  The remarkably cool part, he did it while being guided by voice GPS—Mike has been blind since birth.

Mike graduated a year ahead of me and I did not know him very well personally. During that first year of school, making it through each day seemed like a daunting success.  I would regularly see Mike working in the library or walking through the halls.  He was a good reminder that I could make it through the grind. Mike was doing it and he had the extra burden of not being able to read the cases or see the professors lecture notes in the same way I did. 

Now, Mike’s achieved something that only a few people achieve by traveling the Appalachian Trail.  But the best part of the story, he got a job offer to be CEO of a business start up because of his tenacity.  Five years out of law school (six for Mike) and he’s even more inspiring.  I better get some work done!